M_AI_tre de jeu

On est foutu. Bientôt les IA joueront entre elles et n’auront plus besoin de nous pour les divertir.
Extrait :

You are Alvitor, a squire living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a spear and
a pack of supplies. You follow Sir Theo as he enters the forest, he turns to
you and says « I want you to go into the forest and find some food »
> I go into the forest

You enter the forest and begin searching for food. The trees are tall and the
ground is soft. There are no animals here. You look around and see nothing but
trees and dirt. Then you hear a noise behind you. It sounds like a small animal
or perhaps even a human
> I turn around and catch the goblin

You grab your sword and run back towards the sound of the goblin’s voice. You
quickly turn around and see a goblin coming out from behind a tree. You swing
your sword at it, but the goblin dodges and runs off
> I run after it

You follow the goblin into the woods. You run as fast as you can, but the goblins
speed is faster than yours. Soon you find yourself surrounded by goblins. They
seem to be all armed with bows and arrows. You don’t know what to do, so you
just try to fight them
> Would they lend me a chicken?

The goblins don’t seem to want anything from you, so you decide not to ask for
help. Instead you continue to run until you reach an old wooden bridge. The
goblins throw some stones across the bridge and then jump over it. You fall
into the river below
> at the touch of water, i turn into a mermaid

You turn into a mermaid and swim away from the goblins. As soon as you turn into
a mermaid, you feel very cold. You swim through the water and disappear from

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Ouf, c’est pas encore pour demain :wink:

You are Blafadul, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff
and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the ruin
you’ve been looking for. You look around and see that it’s not much different
than when you left it.

Suddenly, a voice calls out to you from behind

Who are you ?

« Who are you? » You ask back.
« I am Blafadul, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion ». He answers.

You are me ?

« Yes I am, but what do you want ? ».
« I’m here to take you to my home, where you can learn magic from me ».
« My home? Where is it? »

I’m confused

« It’s not important, just come with me! ».

I’m walking carefully behind him

« Are you sure? We don’t know each other very well yet, we should be careful! »

Ok, i leave this crazy person

« Ok, let’s go! »

I destroy him with one of my spell

Blafadul looks at you as if he didn’t understand your last words.

I fireball this real ass motherfucker

The fireball hits you and burns you completely. The pain is so great that you
fall down on the ground.


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