The Red Prophet Rises les 20/03/2021 et 03/04/2021 (2/4)

Bonsoir à tous !

Je propose aux dates ci-dessus une partie d’Old School Essentials avec un scénario très Sword & Sorcery, avec des pré-tirés.

4 joueurs maximum.

@Rom est déjà de la partie. Merci à d’éventuels volontaires de me faire signe pour que l’on organise cela au plus tôt !

3 « J'aime »

@David nous a rejoint. Il reste donc 2 places !

Le pitch (en Anglais, j’ai la flemme de traduire) ou, ce que rêve le Paladin :
You are enveloped by a softly glowing crimson mist.
The air is humid and tastes of rust and offal. Sounds of
crunching bone, steel on steel and the bloodthirsty
roar of the crowd resound from all directions. As you
wander through the mist, disoriented, blood patters
down, quickly drenching you and rising up to your
waist. As you struggle on, a great platform of
gleaming black stone rises from the mists, filling you
with a nameless sense of foreboding and
approaching doom.
All is not lost, however. Heavenly light filters down from
above, piercing the murk and revealing a white horse
tethered to the platform. Held by a dozen spiked
chains of corroded iron, it stands proud and rears
nevertheless. As you lock eyes with the horse, you feel
a burgeoning sense of trust, loyalty and unending
companionship before a loud crack forces a
frightened neigh from the noble beast. You rush to aid
it but the blood rises too quickly, filling your mouth,
nostrils and eyes. You awaken, drenched in sweat,
feeling a strange but ineffable pull to the barbarous
lands of the North.

Il faudra donc que l’un des participants choisisse de jouer Jeanne, la Paladine !